Thursday, 26 January 2017

Blackbird Braille: Winter (5)

There is no reason not to accept Marx's theorem that every society is a self-solving problem.

A system self-perpetuates where it maintains its outline and modifies its interior.

Every society is a system that structures itself around the difficulties which it is seeking to resolve.

Every system's problems are intrinsic (and also 'internal') to its continued functioning.

Every system is dependent on its specific problematic - the energy derived from which it deploys in engagements with sub-problems.

All systems are also the blocked exit from themselves: that which is solved, ceases.

Therefore, every system both desires to solve its problematic but also to suspend implementation of the solution.

A system self-realises through a sustained engagement with it internal constraints.

Then, every society becomes a system directed towards incompletion.

Every successfully innovated fix is the outcome of a systemically necessary unresolved contradiction at a higher order of recursion.

No system seeks to resolve the contradictions of another society. No society engages its 'external conditions.'

All systems die in one of three ways: obliteration (by external force); exhaustion (the failure of a key internal organ); disappearance (the attainment of ideal, frictionless or problemless functioning).

Capitalism is the problem it sets itself; specifically, the further expanded realisation of abstract quantities as a mode of social regulation.

Communism is not a true system but it conforms to general rules for systems - it is only realised by its inward directed gaze.

The problematic of communism is not capitalism but communism itself - its coping with and processing its particular difficulties.

Communism will not overthrow or replace capitalism (the crisis of which, as for all forms, is system immanent).

Communism as a problematic is also the proposed exit from communism, or the internal escape into its constraints.

Communism sets the contradiction which only communism may resolve.

In suspending the resolution of its contradiction, and thus perpetuating itself, communism will direct direct its energies towards a subset array of lesser contradictions.

The problematic of communism as communisation is twofold: its incompatibility with presently existing humans; the historical tendency of communists in power towards genocidal violence.

The realisation of communism does not follow from its critique of capitalism but from the sustained engagement with its internal contradictions.

To this end, we should be prepared to accept any help in escaping the trap of our own ideas.

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