Thursday, 1 December 2016

Blackbird Braille: Winter (1)

Slogans to be painted upon your tanks and embroidered into your banners:

One constraint upon formulating a political position is that it must remain deluded about its true relation to power. ‬

‪The nonsense of every political tendency's general form is a necessary, if false, opening to the fragments of knowledge it is thereby allowed to collect.‬

‪Some useful discrete concepts and insights have been made available by NRx which are dependent upon the intrinsic absurdity of its general position.‬

‪It is tedious to forage through general principles for palatable scraps. ‬

‪The question of political involvement is entirely situated in the ratio between energies expended and energies acquired.‬

‪Every political tendency's set of general principles is a preliminary narrative that must be endured before the opening of the casket of holy relics. ‬

‪We must endure the setting of the scene before the protagonist's appearance. ‬

‪You must apply a tourniquet to raise the vein. ‬

‪In a circumstance where letting go of the contents of the discard pile is decisive, political consciousness still prefers the slag heap to the mine. ‬

‪It is possible that neo-reaction's main problem is that it is still not reactionary enough.‬

We already knew that a kicked dog behaves differently to a kicked stone. But we are only just learning that the more often a dog is kicked, the more it behaves inanimately. 

‪We already knew about  the recuperative coding buried within leftist ideology without resorting to unpleasantness.‬

‪We had arrived at critiques of categories of left-identitarianism decades before NRx, and by a less arduous path.‬

‪We already know about the light averse quality in left discourse, its ploys for controlling interlocutors from beneath Enlightenment principles. ‬

‪Even so, the therapeutic return of what is derided by marxists as the neo-kantian has been a blessed comfort to us. ‬

‪Left and right iterations of the state-form utilise crypto-manipulative plays hidden within issue-based discourse.‬

‪It is the modus operandi of repressive discourse to refuse to acknowledge the real content of its accusations.‬

Ressentiment is the general term for the mode of power emerging from the internalisation of defeat.‬

‪But ressentiment as a concept does not articulate the organisational process of buried force (e.g. as exercised in the system of 'down on you' in Billy Budd).‬

‪There are unnamed repressive forms of power which operate nowhere but in the discourses of liberation.‬

‪Politics is the art of not naming determining factors. Or rather, it is the art of not even wishing to name them.  ‬

‪Always back to Fortuna. ‬

‪The principle error in general principles (left or right), is belief in self-positioning. 

In practice we are thrown, we do not throw.‬ We are occupied, we do not occupy. We are positioned, we do not position.

‪Both the NRx and the ULx imagine their identification with decompositional tendencies grants them some sort of historical privilege.‬

‪In truth, no political tendency dictates terms to process. Nobody decides on the manner of their own recuperation. ‬

‪No lesser power may capture a greater power. ‬

‪The state always expropriates, it is never expropriated. ‬

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