Friday, 23 January 2015

Tinned chunks - an introduction to the rejection of everything through moments in the description of deep opposition (part 8 in an extended series)

If consciousness is consciousness of what is immediately wrong, it is not simply consciousness of the atrocities committed upon it by an enemy (however that enemy might be constituted). This is the externalising, or given, level of consciousness in its most primitive form - it is directed outwards and it is sensitive to the other's motivation. But, the enemy is just one  member of the set of constraints that are written into the formation of consciousness. Where there is illness or calamity, there is an immediately given form of awareness of witchcraft and mal-intent. Consciousness originates in the judgment of attribution: thus calamity is the result of another's intention. For this reason, there is nothing to be gained by amassing proofs of injustice as a pretext for yet further denunciation. On the contrary, consciousness is maimed where it insists on sticking to the enemy hypothesis. Where it is constrained to its immediate form, it passes from consciousness into ideology (into anti-consciousness). The purpose consciousness sets itself, by which it becomes what it should be, and which is nothing but an escape from its immediate form, involves a fundamental re-presentation of what is wrong, changing the location of the problem from the list of enemies it is fixated upon to the immediate form of denunciatory consciousness itself.

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