Thursday, 23 January 2014

LUFTSCHLÖSSER VERLAG: a new publication

"You think that praxis—in its emphatic sense—is not blocked today; I think differently. I would have to deny everything that I think and know about the objective tendency if I wanted to believe that the student protest movement in Germany had even the tiniest prospect of effecting a social intervention. Because, however, it cannot do that its effect is questionable in two respects. Firstly, inasmuch as it inflames an undiminished fascist potential in Germany, without even caring about it. Secondly, insofar as it breeds in itself tendencies which— and here too we must differ—directly converge with fascism. I name as symptomatic of this the technique of calling for a discussion, only to then make one impossible; the barbaric inhumanity of a mode of behaviour that is regressive and even confuses regression with revolution; the blind primacy of action; the formalism which is indifferent to the content and shape of that against which one revolts, namely our theory."
A new publication from LUFTSCHLÖSSER VERLAG: Correspondence on the German Student Movement between Theodore Adorno and Herbert Marcuse

I would invite the gentle reader to consider reading my writing on this very matter as a companion piece. 

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