Friday, 14 October 2011

Autumnal practices; a new introductory pessimism; cede x; communism as departure, as loneliness, as integrity; as a losing game

The communist is a person who does not get on well with those others who wish that the world would change. He thinks their idea of change is inadequate, and not an idea of change at all. He dislikes the way they compulsively uncover the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of revolutionary transformation in their own activities. He sees that the changes proposed by already exisiting bodies are really only variations on the same. The communist is not interested in the changes of the same. He wishes for changes to take place in changing. His intelligence takes its form from an obligation to separate himself from simple ideas of change. He veers off from the self-serving community of world-changers, and searches instead for the route of most resistance. He picks his way along a path which he considers others are not likely to follow him. Even so, he lays a trail. The communist seeks out the truths in change which are not supplied by himself, and which do not confirm him on his path. And which others are not prepared to recognise as truths.

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