Tuesday, 6 September 2011

In a nutshell: Leninism repudiated

‘See to his papers. put him down for all front-line provisions except virgins and whores. Can you read and write?’ 
‘Yes, I can,’ I answered envying him the iron and flowers of his youth. ‘I graduated in law from the University of St Petersburg.’
‘One of them milksops, are you?’ he shouted out with a laugh. ‘And with glasses on your nose. Mangy little runt! Nobody ever asked us if we want your sort here. People get killed for wearing glasses round here. Think you’ll fit in, do you?’
“I’ll fit in,’ I answered...
My first Goose, Babel

Archetypically, Leninism, that is revolutionary war, supposes a rite of passage involving the figure of the Jewish Intellectual appearing amongst Cossack fighters on the field of battle. The intellectual wins acceptance from the warriors by performing a cynical act of brutality, he thus harnesses their vitality to his objectives. Communism, by contrast, supposes an active, ongoing, irresolvable and wholly mutual non-acceptance between these elements. Communism supposes the goose goes free. 

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